Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Stand Before You

I stand before you
I adore you
I thought that would be enough

Upstanding Citizen

Was it only a few weeks ago, I was a model citizen...

Now I'm a slacker...
Today I laid in bed most the day,
trying to recover from making love until 3 am
I barely made it up to call into that 2 pm phone meeting
Totally unprepared

I ate raw cookie dough from the frij with a fork
(It seems important to note that it was gluten free)
When I finally do turn on my computer, I can't focus

Now, I'm a stalker...
The ramblings of a crazy person fill my thoughts
Isn't there some burning reason I could drive the 50 miles to see you?
Did you leave an important item? Anything?
Are there any two points I could visit that would make it plausible that I was just passing by?
I know I can call after 7 pm, so I exercise restraint and don't dial until 7:03

Now, I'm an addict...
When we're finally together, I'm high
But when it's time to go, I get shaky
Spending an hour together makes me want just one more
Spending five hours together makes me want just one more
THe lunch date goes overnight
Ya me voy, I say,
but I can't seem to do it.

I stand and take a step
You shake your head and touch my fingertips
Leading me gently back
It's time to go
but the last thing
I want to be now is


We were both treading water
When love landed in our lives
It did not float in on a perfect dive
Making a barely perceptible splash

No, more like a chubby kid
Runs off the end of the high dive
Grabs his knees in tight for the biggest impact
And lands as a cannonball

We were each knocked off balance
Sputtering to catch our breath
Eyes stinging trying to see clearly
When love just landed

Now that he's here...
Shall we
curse the inconsiderate imp
and shoo him away
or invite him to stay
invite him to play?


Ah karma, this is one I experienced from one side, then within months was on the other side. Very educational to see it from the other side, but still very true...

Time and time again
I see how it really works

The best way to be nice
is to be mean

The most reassuring phone call
is a quick, hollow voicemail
The warmest touch to offer
is the cold shoulder
The best meeting to have
is none at all

When we share the details of our days
When you lightly touch my arm
When we linger over a shared meal

I can't or don't hear the words you're saying,
My heart hears what it wants to hear

Being nice


....and that's must mean


For one person
Today is a gift
For another person
Today is a chore
They will both be right


The urge to light up a cigarette, they say,
Lasts three minutes
Get through those three minutes
And you're good

Is it the same way
Me trying to quit you?

The urge to call arises
I distract myself.
Three minutes later
I want to call you again

Oh no,
I'm a chain smoker

Je T'aime

I told him I was through
He was in disbelief
But, but, but said I love you
you said it in French!

True, I realize now my mistake.
I have developed a full disclosure for future use,
and keep several copies in my purse.

je t'aime*

*Use of these words is intended to convey unconditional awe, appreciation and acceptance of the being. The expresser retains the right to utter the words without restriction, and to continue loving the person imperfectly with no stated expiration date.

Possible side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, temporary loss of memory, change in libido, headaches, backaches, pains in the neck, and insomnia.

No guarantees, rights or warranties are expressed or implied. The statement does not imply any rights of ownership, possessions, or time.

Investors participate at their own risk. By participating, you acknowledge that no investment is 100% guaranteed and that volatility may cause a loss of interest and erode part or all of the initial investment.

There are no refunds but your karmic account may be credited accordingly, so save your receipt.

Please remember all the above, if by chance, I lean over and softly kiss you and whisper,
je t'aime