Sunday, January 10, 2010

Upstanding Citizen

Was it only a few weeks ago, I was a model citizen...

Now I'm a slacker...
Today I laid in bed most the day,
trying to recover from making love until 3 am
I barely made it up to call into that 2 pm phone meeting
Totally unprepared

I ate raw cookie dough from the frij with a fork
(It seems important to note that it was gluten free)
When I finally do turn on my computer, I can't focus

Now, I'm a stalker...
The ramblings of a crazy person fill my thoughts
Isn't there some burning reason I could drive the 50 miles to see you?
Did you leave an important item? Anything?
Are there any two points I could visit that would make it plausible that I was just passing by?
I know I can call after 7 pm, so I exercise restraint and don't dial until 7:03

Now, I'm an addict...
When we're finally together, I'm high
But when it's time to go, I get shaky
Spending an hour together makes me want just one more
Spending five hours together makes me want just one more
THe lunch date goes overnight
Ya me voy, I say,
but I can't seem to do it.

I stand and take a step
You shake your head and touch my fingertips
Leading me gently back
It's time to go
but the last thing
I want to be now is

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