Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poetry Waits For You

Don't tell me you can't write poetry.
Did you not live your own life yesterday?
Did you wear someone else's shoes, walk down someone else's street?
Or open someone else's door,
With someone else's key?

Universal themes may stretch across the ages
Still, common threads that weave humanity
Can't lessen the importance
the uniqueness of an individual.
Your poetry has not been written before.
It is waiting impatiently for you.

Does not your gut want to express that feeling
Your heart want to explore that welling up inside
Do not your legs want to lay out the arguments,
deciding whether to run away or dance

Don't tell me you can't write poetry
It's rumbling about in your head
Tumbling out on your lips
Pick up the pen
Let a poem tell you about you

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